Model Workplace Tool Helps SMEs with Employment Regulations

Acas Model WorkplaceSmall-business owners can check they are complying with employment regulations in areas such as recruitment and discipline and grievance procedures, following the launch of a free online tool.

The Acas Model Workplace tool allows employers to assess their management techniques and offers practical advice on maintaining good employment relations. A survey of 1,200 small-business users of the tool found 29% were unwittingly breaking employment regulations.

“It makes more sense to check your employment practices for free rather than fix them later after an expensive mistake.”

said Acas chair, Ed Sweeney.

“The tool costs nothing to use, but as our research shows it can save small businesses time, money and stress further down the line.”

The tool consists of modules on ten different topics, such as managing change, flexible working and pay reviews. Each module contains 7-10 questions and takes ten minutes to complete. After completing a module, users are given a rating of red, amber or green, and advice based on that rating to help them improve their firm.

Acas have also launched a new podcast, featuring small-business expert Sarah Anderson, talking about the pressure of running a small business and how the tool can help.

“[The tool] helps with staff retention and actually helps teach some management skills as well. Of course it also helps with what we most want to do, which is keeping us out of employment tribunals.”

Assess your people management skills and get practical guidance at the Acas Model Workplace website.

Model Workplace Tool Helps SMEs with Employment Regulations

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