KashFlow Users Get Email Marketing Boost

Now that email marketing provider, Message Horizon has teamed up with the accounting software company, KashFlow, its users can access their financial data and use it to send unlimited email newsletters and promotions to any number of customers — all for the low, fixed price of £29 per month.

Ian Robinson at the Crazy Hog Catering Company is an early user:

“It’s easiest to communicate via email these days and being able to target different sectors of our customer database with personalised news and offers is the best way to increase interest. Plus with Message Horizon I can see not just how many recipients opened the email or clicked through, but even which individuals. That’s so powerful for follow-up calls later.”

As a third party add-on within KashFlow, Message Horizon provides seamless integration and everything required for successful email campaigns including email template creation, list importing, testing, sending and tracking. Key benefits include:

  • One-click importing of KashFlow database. No fiddling around with spreadsheets or CSV files
  • No technical knowledge required as you get a free HTML email template created to your own design
  • Useful reports. Know exactly which contacts opened your emails and see which contacts clicked on specific links within your emails
  • Keeps you legal, including letting recipients unsubscribe (and you won’t be able to send further mail to that address)
  • No unexpected extras. Message Horizon is unique in offering a fixed price service at £29 + VAT per month, regardless of how many email you send, or how big your list size
  • Try before you buy. There’s a free trial available
  • Free UK-based support for fast resolution of technical queries.

Duane Jackson, managing director at Kashflow says:

“Having Message Horizon on board is a great bonus for the business owners that use our accounting service: it lets them tap into the mine of financial detail they store on customers and use it to communicate more effectively.”

Jonathan Rodger, managing director of Message Horizon, comments,

“KashFlow and Message Horizon are a great match. We are both UK-based business service providers offering complementary products that are easy to use, good value and aimed at the small to medium enterprise (SME). We have the only fixed price email marketing product out there and this means KashFlow users have change over from their budgets to spend on other marketing activities like advertising and PR.”

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