Less Than a Week Until PAYE Returns Deadline

Employers have been warned they have just days left to file their Employer Annual Returns online or risk being charged a late-filing penalty by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Businesses that miss the 19 May deadline will be charged £100 per month per 50 employees that the return is late. Employers with fewer than ten employees can use HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools package to file their returns. HMRC has also published a list of common errors made while filing Employer Annual Returns, to help businesses avoid making the same mistakes.

The Employer Annual Return includes a P14 for each employee and a P35 summary sheet. Employers that have not yet registered to file online can register now by visiting the PAYE pages on the HMRC website.

“Changes came into effect this year, which mean the Employer Annual Returns sent to HMRC after the 19 May filing deadline will almost certainly result in a late-filing penalty.”

said an HMRC spokesman.

“Last year, no penalty was charged for employers with five or fewer employees, but these transitional arrangements have now ended.”

Less Than a Week Until PAYE Returns Deadline

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