Rethinking Retirement – Free Guide

Rethinking Retirement guide for EmployersEmployees can access advice on managing the end of the default retirement age (DRA), following the publication of a free guide by Saga.

Under reforms to phase out the DRA, it is no long possible to maintain a mandatory retirement policy for employees aged 65 or above, unless it can be objectively justified.

The Rethinking Retirement guide for Employees (PDF) includes frequently-asked-questions about the repeal of the Default Retirement Age as well as case studies about the successful performance management of older employees.

It also contains advice for employers on:

  • transitional arrangements for the end of the DRA
  • arrangements for people approaching retirement and how they fit with workplace discussions on performance or training
  • adapting jobs and working conditions for older employees

Speaking of the new guide Saga director–general, Ros Altmann, said:

“Employers can no longer sack workers just for being 65.”

“At a time when people are living longer and the country faces unprecedented economic challenges, this is only the first step towards rethinking retirement. We need to alter our approach to retirement. This culture change means that the Government must encourage employers to make retirement a process, rather than an event.”

Download the guide to Rethinking Retirement here.

Rethinking Retirement guide for Employees

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