StartUp Britain’s Enterprise Champions Programme to Inspire Young Entrepreneurs

The Government’s new Enterprise Champions Programme could inspire a new generation of young entrepreneurs by teaching them the business basics at an early age, the Forum of Private Business (FPB) has said.

Announced at the launch of the Government’s StartUp Britain campaign, the programme, due to be rolled out later this year, will include support for every school to develop its own business, and the creation of an “enterprise society” at each university and most further education colleges.

“All the surveys show that unless you come from an entrepreneurial family, most people switch off and don’t engage in entrepreneurship.”

said business secretary, Vince Cable.

“The Enterprise Champions Programme is trying to make sure that the schools have their own business, it’s trying to make sure that teachers have access to the tools of the trade.”

Schools will get access to a range of online resources to help teachers give practical advice and help to set up and manage a business, as well as support from local business experts. Enterprise societies will provide university students with the skills they need to run a business.

Full details of the two initiatives are yet to be unveiled, but both are due to be launched by the end of 2011.

FPB spokesman, Chris Gorman, said that the programmes were a positive step towards encouraging young people to start businesses.

“They are needed to boost entrepreneurship, as the Government hasn’t been as supportive as it could have been in the past.”

“The Enterprise Champions programme will show young people the world of business and how it works in practice, and how to understand commerce. It will give an extra push to young people who would have set up their own businesses anyway, but there will also be some who wouldn’t otherwise have thought about it, as the education system doesn’t teach people the business basics.”

A Department for Business, Innovation and Skills spokesman said that it aimed to show young people how rewarding running a business could be:

“The Government wants to inspire more young people to consider starting their own business. It is crucial that we give young people the practical tools to help and the opportunity to develop enterprise skills throughout education.”

StartUp Britain's Enterprise Champions Programme to Inspire Young Entrepreneurs

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