Actinic Publishes New Book of 300+ Top Tips for Selling Successfully Online

Ecommerce expert helps start-ups & SMEs make a profit on the internet

Selling Successfully Online - Over 300 top tips for running an ecommerce websiteActinic, the ecommerce software supplier, announces the latest edition of the book Selling Successfully Online – Over 300 top tips for running an ecommerce website by CEO, Chris Barling. The 145 pages provide objective guidance and practical advice for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses on every aspect of selling on the internet.

Selling Successfully Online is available as an A5 paperback from Amazon for £7.99, or for a limited time as a free PDF download from

Written and laid out in an easily digestible format which allows readers to dip in and out of particular topics, Chris Barling has collated the best tips from his own articles published over the last 15 years, as well as including real world advice from online shop owners and ecommerce site developers. As a result the book offers a wealth of vendor-neutral ideas and sound professional advice to those thinking about ecommerce, as well as anyone already selling online.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to selling online including a FAQ about selling on the internet and setting up advice;
  • Marketing a website – attracting people, digital marketing, SEO, PPC, email marketing, social networks, using video/audio and measuring performance;
  • Selling – maximising sales with optimal product pages, turning browsers into buyers, avoiding abandoned shopping carts, pricing and promotion;
  • Operations – fraud prevention, staying legal and shipping considerations;
  • Advanced ecommerce – selling abroad, mobile commerce and multi-channel retail;
  • Customer relations – showing customers you care, interaction and feedback.

Book reviewers have described it as:

"A must read for anyone thinking of selling online, Chris Barling has packed in over 300 practical tips based on his experience of helping thousands of businesses setting up ecommerce websites. The book is divided into easy to follow sections and covers all the aspects of selling online. If you are thinking of selling online this book will be invaluable to have and keep returning to."

Brian Jack, managing director of

Rory MccGwire, founder of StartupDonut and MarketingDonut says,

"The ecommerce advice Chris gives visitors to our business advice websites is always sharp and insightful. Here it’s condensed into more than 300 practical tips for increasing online sales that anyone can follow — if I were you, I’d get hold of this book before your rivals do."

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