Catalyst UK Gives Exporters a Boost

Catalyst UK helps small businesses to exportSmall-business owners considering entering overseas markets can access free one-to-one advice from experts, following the launch of a global network, Catalyst, by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI).

Funded by UKTI, the network will match small firms looking to export individual business leaders from larger international firms who have overcome similar problems. The scheme is aimed at small first-time exporters that want to break into “difficult” markets, such as Russia, and are facing a particular barrier that is holding them back.

The initiative was piloted in May last year and has now been rolled out. It has 100 high-profile members, which it aims to increase to 500 in two years.

Head of Catalyst, Rebecca Robson, said that business leaders with experience of exporting will be matched with small firms in need of mentors.

“Catalyst is mainly for small businesses that want to export, but are having difficulties in one particular area — for example, obtaining finance.”

“We match them with a business leader from a larger firm that may have experienced the same problems in the past, preferably in the same industry, and they have a chat over the phone or communicate via email.”

“It differs from the standard support firms get from UKTI, as they get to have conversations with experienced exporters and receive on-the-ground insights of overseas markets.”

There is no fee to join the network, and firms can access support by approaching their local UKTI branch for more information.

See also our business advice articles on export finance and the Export Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme (ExEFG).

Catalyst UK Gives Exporters a Boost

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