HMRC: File Returns and Pay Corporation Tax Online

HMRC: File Returns and Pay Corporation Tax OnlineBusinesses must file their corporation tax returns online and make payments electronically from 1 April, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has warned.

Companies with accounting periods ending after 31 March 2010 are obliged to file their company tax return online.

All businesses will have to pay corporation tax bills electronically from April by Direct Debit, debit or credit card, using the BillPay service or bank transfer.

HMRC spokeswoman, Helen Jones, said that from April 2012 it will also become compulsory for all firms registered for VAT to submit their returns online. “We’ve found that a lot of businesses have already voluntarily registered for VAT online,” she added. “They’re ahead of the game.”

To sign up for corporation tax online filing, visit the HMRC website

File Returns, Pay Corporation Tax Online

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