UK SMBs Reach for the Clouds

Can cloud computing work for your business?

Listen to today’s podcast with Tanya Shirlow, Head of SMB Marketing at Microsoft.

Uncertain economic conditions have brought about new business models which have fundamentally transformed the way that we do business, for employees and customers alike. With a heightened focus on speed and flexibility to perform everyday business tasks and swiftly meet customer demand, technology is uniquely positioned to help small businesses adapt.

Agile and unrestricted unlike many larger players, Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) have much to gain from technology, particularly cloud computing. The cloud has enormous potential for SMBs in terms of economics, management, productivity and business flexibility. By having the applications at your fingertips to do your job quickly and efficiently are a must in any small business.

Cloud computing can enable greater collaboration within small businesses by enabling employees to work together regardless of location. By harnessing the power of such technologies, SMBs can enjoy great productivity and flexibility which can be the critical differentiator when competing for potential customers.

Joining Michael Wilson to dispense her top tips and talk about why small business owners should grasp the opportunities available to them via cloud computing and how to adapt and meet changing customer demand, as well as cater to the demands of their own computer savvy staff is Tanya Shirlow, Head of SMB Marketing at Microsoft.

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