Free Guide: Online Customer Surveys

The DIY Research Guide for the Non-Expert ResearcherBusinesses considering market research can find out how to conduct an online survey, following the publication of a free guide by the Independent Consultants Group (ICG).

The DIY Research Guide for the Non-Expert Researcher is a step-by-step guide to putting together a market research survey and using the results effectively.

The guide is divided into four sections:

  • Which types of survey are suitable for the online DIY approach?
  • How to write a good questionnaire
  • The importance of sampling
  • Making sense of it all: How to analyse and report findings accurately

It includes tips such as combining online research with other approaches, choosing a representative group of respondents, and using non-leading questions.

The guide was written by ICG members, Chris Brookes and Gill Wales, who run their own market research consultancies.

“We produced the guide because we felt that, rather than get on our high horses and say ‘you must only let experts do research’, the research industry needed to give people tried and tested guidance,”

said Wales, founder of Gill Wales Research.

“The guide won’t turn people into researchers, but it will stop them making basic mistakes.”

For more information on the guide and to download it, visit the ICG website

Free Guide: Online Customer Surveys

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