European Business Awards Give Kudos to Top SMEs

European Business Awards Give Kudos to Top SMEsHigh-achieving firms that can demonstrate their success have the chance to showcase their efforts Europe-wide, by entering the 2011 European Business Awards before 14 April.

The European Business Awards, sponsored by HSBC, is an opportunity for firms to show how they stand out from their competitors in particular areas of their business, including innovation, HR, customer service and environmental strategies.

Winners will have the chance to represent the UK for the European stage of the awards, and will gain marketing and networking opportunities.

Three of the ten categories are targeted specifically at businesses within particular turnover ranges, and the remaining seven are open to any business.

The categories are:

  • The Award for Environmental and Corporate Sustainability
  • The Award for Customer Focus
  • The Employer of the Year Award
  • The HSBC International Growth Strategy of the Year Award
  • The RSM International Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • The UKTI Award for Innovation
  • The HSBC Import/Export Award
  • Three Infosys Business of the Year Awards (for businesses with turnover of up to €25 million, €26-150 million and more than €150 million)

European Business Awards spokeswoman, Angela Lovell, said that participating firms must submit details of their company accounts as well as a statement demonstrating their strengths in the category they are entering. Firms can call the awards entry team to get help completing the application.

“The UK winners can use our logos on their stationery and on their website, network with like-minded businesses, and are put forward to be selected as the crème de la crème of their category in Europe. It gives them great kudos and they get media coverage both nationally and across Europe.”

To find out more about the awards and to enter online, visit the European Business Awards website, and for assistance completing the application call 0207 234 3535.

European Business Awards Give Kudos to Top SMEs

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