Alex Epstein, Apprentice, in Email BCC “Blunder”

Alex EpsteinThis morning Alex Epstein, star of Lord Sugar’s TV series The Apprentice, pulled an amazing stunt by emailing over 700 press contacts, offering his services. Unfortunately, instead of pressing the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) button he chose CC (Carbon Copy) and, once he’d hit "send" revealed to all and sundry the extent to whom he was making the request.

The incident came to prominence on twitter and his name is still a trending topic at the time of publication, after recipients responded (sometimes to all the other 700 respondents) or expressed their amusement on twitter.

Amidst the general howls of derision at Alex Epstein’s seeming faux pas there is plenty of speculation surrounding the move by Epstein, a self-styled "Brand, Marketing and PR advisor to growing businesses", as to whether this was an accident or a clever PR stunt.

One statement that does keep cropping up with regard to his email is that there’s "no such thing as bad publicity only publicity."

Here’s Mr Epstein’s email:

"Having recently been fired by Lord Sugar, I’m currently looking for opportunities to share some of my passion for enterprise, marketing and public relations.

"During my time on The Apprentice I impressed and entertained the nation with my creative ideas, from devising names such as the Cuuli and Boozy Banger to working on one of the biggest product launches/mistakes the cleaning market has ever seen – Germinator!"

"And that’s what makes me unique – I’m bold, full of personality, entertaining, and really do believe in learning from my mistakes."

"I’d like to pitch myself as someone who would be interested in opportunities within your publication. I have lots of ideas in this area:"

"The next series of the show is just around the corner (March I think). I would make an excellent critic, giving my views and outspoken opinions on a week by week basis."

"Alex Epstein [could be] your creative business PR/Marketing agony uncle."

"Perhaps you have a business / enterprise section that I could add some value to. I’d be interested in running a Q&A column with questions from the general public, helping them with their creative conundrums."

Only time will tell if this was an incredible mistake or a piece of PR genius, but you have to admit that it has certainly brought Alex Epstein back to the forefront of the public conscience, whether for good or for bad. Either way, this episode will go down in business folklore. Maybe the former budding apprentice should have read 15 savage mistakes commonly made by PR folks?

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