Royal Wedding Bank Holiday Tube Strike: Least Disruption for SMEs

Royal Wedding Bank Holiday Tube Strike: Least Disruption for SMEsA future tube strike in London would cause the least disruption for the capital’s small businesses if it was held on a bank holiday, the Forum of Private Business (FPB) has said.

The business group’s comments followed reports that industrial action from London Underground train drivers is likely to take place on the Royal Wedding day on 29th April.

The FPB said if industrial action is planned, the Royal Wedding bank holiday was the best day to have it for small firms.

“It would have the least effect on workers being able to travel and so would not damage London businesses as much as previous strikes.”

said FPB spokesman, Phil McCabe.

“Small businesses rely heavily on their key staff so if they are based in London a tube strike can be disruptive, although most office-based businesses can arrange flexible working.”

However, he added that direct services firms could still be affected by a bank holiday tube strike:

“Shops and leisure firms could find themselves short-staffed as a result.”

Business development manager at Bristol-based small production firm, Hurricane Media, Mark Smout, said that it would not just be London-based firms that would welcome the potential date for the strike.

“We’re based in Bristol, but we commute into London once or twice a week for meetings and presentations, so we use the tube pretty regularly. We’ve been affected by tube strikes in the past, and have had to reschedule meetings when there has been industrial action.”

“It’s disruptive, and even if you manage to get in yourself, there is no guarantee the other person will, which is frustrating. If they are going to strike, they might as well do it the bank holiday when less people are travelling into and around London for commercial reasons.”

Royal Wedding Bank Holiday Tube Strike: Least Disruption for SMEs

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