SMEs Counter Impending 13% Rail Fare Increases

Quno.comUK businesses are set to make significant savings via

January not only welcomes the new year but very un-welcome 13% rail fare increase. The UK is already home to the highest rail fares in Europe.

Small businesses had previously tightened their expenditure at the end of 2009 feeling that UK rail travel was poor value for money, according to The National Passenger Survey conducted by independent passenger watchdog Passenger Focus.

Quno, the rail search and booking engine, aims to help support SMEs by discouraging them from purchasing tickets on the day of travel and instead booking rail tickets in advance online.

Astonishingly, more than two thirds of all UK rail ticket purchases are still bought on the day – not taking advantage of any potential savings (between 31% and 50%)

The NPS survey highlights the vital need most SMEs have for business rail travel with 63% of company employees regularly travelling to client meetings and 38% travelling to conferences and training courses. However, these new fare increases needn’t put additional pressure on SMEs looking to reduce costs.

Jeremy Acklam, UK Managing Director of Quno, says;

“The best deals are available if you book in advance when it’s possible to get up to 80% off the standard rail ticket price, even booking the day before can prove to be a huge cost cutting exercise.”

Along with large savings, the site also addresses findings that a fifth of small business employees claim they do not have a good understanding on how to get the best ticket. Quno offers a innovative platform, advanced technology, improved functionality and exclusive tools, meaning the 31%-50% reductions called for by all business users are, in fact, available.

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