Innovative Social Enterprises Get Chance to Boost National Profile

Social Enterprise Awards trophyInnovative social enterprises that are helping improve people’s lives or are benefiting the environment are being called on to enter this year’s Social Enterprise Awards.

The awards, sponsored by O2, are open to social enterprises of any size. However, applicants must be using at least 50% of their profits for social or environmental purposes.

There are seven award categories, including ‘Start Up Social Enterprise’, ‘Social Enterprise Leader’ and ‘Social Enterprise Unsung Hero’. All shortlisted businesses will receive free entry to the UK’s largest social enterprise event, Voice11. The winning organisations will receive national and trade press coverage.

“Being shortlisted or winning a Social Enterprise Award raises the profile of an organisation and can lead to an increase in demand for a product or service.”

said Social Enterprise Coalition communications officer, Katherine Harvey.

“It can also lead to strategic opportunities and an interest in people wanting to work for you.”

“The awards are important because they inspire others. Winners need to have achieved something pretty incredible and we expect the competition to be fierce because there’s some really fantastic work happening in social enterprise.”

Last year’s winner of the ‘Best new social enterprise in the UK’ category, BikeWorks co–founder Jim Blakemore, said:

“Being recognised on a national scale was an exciting journey to go through, culminating in meeting the Prime Minister. We’ve always wanted to scale up and the award was the catalyst that pushed us forward to try and develop a bigger name.”

The deadline for entries is 18 January 2011.

Find out more about the awards and download the entry form at the Social Enterprise Coalition website

Innovative Social Enterprises Get Chance to Boost National Profile

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