Real-life Situations Inspire Small Business Training in Warwick

A management development programme that uses “real-life situations” has been launched by Warwick Business School (WBS) for managers in high-growth businesses.

Owners and managers in small and medium-sized enterprises can ‘pick and mix’ from the ten one-day courses ranging from leadership and decision-making to developing a growth strategy.

The Enterprise Hub at WBS developed the courses in tandem with business owners who felt they needed help building up their management team and personal expertise.

“This programme works with managers to ensure they receive the individual support they need to grow their business,”

said Enterprise Hub director, Professor Roger Mumby-Croft.

“If small and medium-sized enterprises are to be the engine of the economic recovery, then supporting their ability to build on their existing management and leadership skills is essential.”

Each day-long course costs £350, but businesses will be able to earn discounts by becoming members of the Warwick Cluster of firms that work regularly with the Enterprise Hub. Courses are open to firms from across the UK, however, and those taking all ten courses can apply for an accreditation in entrepreneurial studies from the University of Warwick.

“You reach a certain point of growth where you almost have to take a quantum leap to get your management team together,”

said course administrator, Janet Temple.

“In effect, we’re offering tailor-made training by enabling people to select courses based on their specific needs.”

Warwick Business School is one of Europe’s largest business schools and considered a leading provider of training to businesses. Speaking of its small and medium-sized enterprise programme, Kiran Mistry, managing director of rubber stamp manufacturer William Jones Clifton, said:

“It provided a highly practical educational framework for my business and a fresh perspective and insight. Ultimately the programme paid handsome dividends, including benefiting the bottom line.”

The first one-day programme will take place on 15th October, managers interested in finding out more can visit the Enterprise Hub website or contact Janet Temple on 024 7657 4863.

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