IoD: Scrap the Right to Request Training

Regulations which will give staff in small firms the right to request training, must be scrapped before they tie employers up in more red tape, the Institute of Directors (IoD) has warned.

The time to train regulations were introduced for larger firms in April 2010, and are due to come into force for small businesses in April 2011. The regulations require businesses to go through a formal process when an employee asks for training, including reporting back in writing and addressing an appeal if the request is turned down.

A Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) consultation on the time to train rules closed this week and the IoD has called on the Government to repeal the regulations for small businesses.

“Most firms talk about training with staff at appraisal time,”

said an IoD spokesman.

“These regulations will cause a ‘scatter gun’ approach where employee training requests are coming in throughout the year. So instead of employers having to think about training at a given time, they will have to consider it periodically ? causing added administrative costs.”

“But our main objection is that it will undermine businesses’ abilities to plan their training investment strategically, because the requests will be ad hoc,” he added.”

“For example, 37 per cent of small firms said that employees exercising the right to request training caused them to grant it on the basis of individual demands rather than organisational needs.”

A BIS spokeswoman said that the Government had yet to make a final decision on the right to train regulations for small firms.

“But while we recognise that a lot of businesses are very good at offering training opportunities for their staff, there are some that still need some encouragement. The reason we have the regulations is so that staff who feel their career prospects would be improved through training, have the opportunity to have a consultation with employers to see if it will be of value to the business.”

IoD: Scrap the Right to Request Training

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