Best Business Angel Network? Beer and Partners

Beer & Partners business angel network saw off stiff competition last night (23/09/10) to win the prestigious Investor Allstars, private investor network of the year award, sponsored by Schroders Private Banking. The annual awards ceremony attracts the who’s who of investment professionals and has been described as the ‘Oscars’ of the venture capital community. Each year over 500 investment professionals attend the event, gathering to celebrate another year of lucrative exits, innovative investments and professional excellence.

Serial entrepreneur Luke Johnson, previously Chairman of PizzaExpress and Channel 4 and now owner of Risk Capital Partners, acquired a major shareholding in Beer & Partners in April of this year. Just 5 months on, and the company has received the award for best private investor network in the UK.

“I am delighted that Beer have been recognised as the best private investor network in the UK. I knew when I invested that they were best in the business. Their success rate for securing funding is more than double the industry average, and it’s hard to argue with facts like that.”

“Angel investing is a serious business. Beer recognizes that little is achieved by throwing as many entrepreneurs as possible in front of prospective investors. What sets Beer apart from other angel networks is that they discover the brightest entrepreneurs with the most investable businesses from all around the country. By vigorous vetting of prospects, the angels are only shown genuinely viable propositions, and so are in a better position to know that their money will be used constructively. Beer appreciates that it is quality and not quantity that matters most to the angel community.”

Beer helps around 50 early stage businesses each year to secure expansion capital through their network of more than 1,700 active business angels. In spite of the recession, which has encouraged many small businesses to tighten their belts, Beer have secured more than £17m for early stage business in the last 2 years alone. Almost half of all of Beer’s clients secure funding from the network.

Beer & Partners CEO, Mike Weaver, is proud of the company’s achievements

“We are delighted to receive the award for best private investor network. Beer & Partners ongoing success is a product of the hard work and dedication of our 48 associates based throughout the UK. Our team is committed to securing funding for promising businesses, by presenting our active business angels with exciting investment opportunities. Events like Investor Allstars offer an excellent opportunity to see what is happening throughout the rest of the industry, and it is great to see that the UK’s venture capital industry is alive and well.”

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