SMEs Should Make Better Use of New Tech

Dell and the British Chambers of Commerce demystify new technologies that help small businesses grow and succeed

Dell, one of the world’s leading technology companies, has said that small firms could save money, improve effectiveness and energy efficiency if they made better use of new technologies.

In order to improve awareness, Dell has partnered with the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) – which represents 100,000 businesses – and will run a series of events from October to November across the UK.

Dell has committed to these events specifically to try and help small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) better understand the technologies currently on offer (such as cloud computing and social media) and improve their potential to save valuable time and money.

David Riches, BCC’s Director of Operations, added:

“The business world is awash with IT buzz words such as cloud computing and virtualisation. What businesses want to know is how this technology can help them to succeed and improve their bottom line. Given the fast changing technology sector and the tough economic climate, these events are crucial for smaller firms to help them keep up, advance and prosper.”

The events will also explain how small businesses can take advantage of these technologies to reduce their expenditure by downsizing their IT infrastructure and in turn increase efficiency; essentially, doing more with much less.

Chris Mullan, Dell’s UK & Ireland Sales Director, said:

“Dell is committed to supporting British business to achieve growth through innovation and technology. Technology is at the core of every business and looking at it strategically can bring untold benefits. These events will give businesses unique insights into how to stay ahead of the competition with minimal effort and maximum reward.”

There will also be a question and answer and networking session at the events, which will allow companies to directly ask questions of the industry experts, engage with other businesses, and further enhance their understanding of the topics.

For firther information visit the British Chamber of Commerce’s page: Dell – Make the Most of Technology Events

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