Business Clinic Web TV Show

Join our live Web TV show on Tuesday to discover how to turn short term business barriers into long term gain.

Show date: Tuesday 14th September 2010

Show time: 1:15pm

We’ve all heard recent news that business confidence is now starting to pick up in the UK. But while long term business optimism appears to be returning to the British economy, the road ahead is anything but easy especially in a struggling economic market.

So how can you ensure today’s business difficulties don’t impact on the future?

In our live Web TV show we will be discussing the issues affecting British businesses as well as offering insight into how you can ensure your company becomes part of a prosperous UK economy.

You will have your opportunities to share thoughts as well as ask questions (Just visit before the show and enter your anme and your question in the box provided)

Colin Fyfe, Divisional Director of iFS Business and Corporate Banking for Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank, will also be sharing his opinions on how to speed up the recovery process and make sure your business not only rides out the storm but might be able to take advantage of any growth opportunities.

Join us live online at on Tuesday 14th September at 1:15pm to discuss the key to a swift and successful return to prosperous business growth.

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