Enter the Shell Springboard Awards 2010

Shell Springboard Awards 2010August is supposed to be the quietest month of the year so why not take advantage of the time and enter your SME in the Shell Springboard Awards?

The deadline for the awards is 5pm on the 5th November 2010 so now may be a good time to enter before things get busy again.

Submit your entry online at www.shellspringboard.org and you could win one of eight awards of £40,000 on offer this year.

Shell Springboard are looking for UK-based small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) whose business idea or technology has to be:

  1. Commercially viable
  2. Innovative
  3. Carbon Saving


If this isn’t in your line of work but you do know of a small business or green entrepreneur that may be interested then let them know about the Shell Springboard Awards. If they win they could invite you along to the celebrations!

Previous winner Bryn Richards, CEO of Aeristech, said of the awards:

“Winning Shell Springboard was a big help to our fundraising round. It enhanced our brand and helped us build momentum. It was also an excellent opportunity for peer review of our technology and business model. I would urge anyone out there with a good idea for tackling the climate challenge to enter the awards.”

Aeristech won £40,000 of funding from the Shell Springboard Awards for their innovative hybrid turbocharger which eliminates "turbo lag" and can reduce energy by as much as 25% over conventional petrol engines thus allowing smaller engines to do that work of bigger ones but at greater levels of efficiency.

As always, the Springboard team are there to answer your queries and yu can contact them directly at help@shellspringboard.org or on call them on 0870 850 7085.

Good luck with the applications!

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