New Online Service Connects Businesses with Investors

A brand new online service has launched that connects investors with businesses looking for funding.

The Business Garage Global concept allows companies and entrepreneurs free listings and introductions for the first time. Offering ease and simplicity, it is a rich resource for business owners and investors, and vital for those seeking seed-funding, investment, an exit, or short-term capital.

The service comprises three specialist areas:

  • Ignition: for angel investors to connect with entrepreneurs and start-ups seeking funding
  • Refuel: a service for businesses seeking immediate or short-term funding
  • Showroom: an area for buyers and sellers of professional service businesses.

“Business Garage Global is a service for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) looking to put their opportunity in front of investors. Investors registered on the site can browse the listings and contact any of interest. The platform is designed to be easy, simple, and most of all effective at making those invaluable connections,”

explains Matthew Rowe, Marketing Director of Business Garage Global.

Each of the three platforms – Angel Investment (Ignition), Emergency Funding (Refuel) and Businesses for Sale (Showroom) can be accessed via

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