12 Budding Entrepreneurs Pitch to Lord Winston

Remember back in May when is4profit reported that Microsoft Offers Young Entrepreneurs £10k Start-up Prize? Well the results are in…

Twelve finalists, chosen from hundreds of hopefuls who submitted video entries, went head to head in a live pitch for the chance to win one of three £10,000 grants which will help them put their philanthropic ideas into action.

The Internet Explorer 8 Life Academy Awards celebrate the creativity of the generation who has grown up with internet and are now coming of age. Using new media, entrants submitted a two minute video to Internet Explorer 8 Life Academy, explaining their socially responsible idea and how they propose to take it forward.

From the hundreds of entrants, the 12 chosen finalists went on to battle it out in front of a high profile judging panel comprising of Professor Robert Winston, entrepreneur and lastminute.com co-founder Brent Hoberman and Countdown mathematician Rachel Riley. Shortlisted ideas included building schools in Kenya; training football coaches in deprived countries; an online music collection of studio live sessions for local musicians; creating green energy from footsteps or providing a politics platform for aspiring councillors.

Internet Explorer 8 Life Academy is a national competition launched to give 18-25 year olds a chance to explore their future potential and win a £10,000 grant to make their socially responsible idea a reality. The finalists pitched their ideas to the judging panel who choose one winner for each of the following categories:

  • Adventurer Explorer Grant for travel, adventure or environmental projects
  • Online Venture Explorer Grant for budding technology and business entrepreneurs
  • Creativity Explorer Grant for creative, media and arts-based ideas.

And the winners are…

Luke Duggleby, 22, a medical graduate at Bristol University won the Adventurer Explorer Grant for his charitable idea to build a Vocational Centre in Bweyale, Uganda. The young entrepreneur will use the funds to help bring the internet and services to Bweyale which will significantly improve their personal and educational needs in the community.

Nick Palfrey, 23, from Plymouth won the Creativity Explorer Grant for Moofu Education, an e-learning system aimed at maximizing students’ potential by using multi-media tools and new technology to make learning spaces better. Using cutting edge games technology, and an understanding of students’ needs, it encourages students to design, create and develop their own learning spaces – and interact with the elements within.

Rowenna Davis, 25, a graduate and freelance journalist from London won the Online Venture Grant for her concept Young People: Local Government. Rowenna entered the competition with an idea to target young people who are disillusioned and disengaged with mainstream politics. The prize money will go towards building a website that will link young people to local governments around the country who are struggling to find new councillors.

To find out more information go to the Internet Explorer 8 Life Academy Awards website.

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