On4 m-commerce Platform Launched

Voice Commerce have announced the launch of On4, the first e-commerce platform with VoicePay® capability and a fully integrated m-commerce application. Aimed at new and existing on-line retailers, the innovative On4 system is easy to use, highly customisable and enables both e- and m- commerce from the same store front, incorporating an instant merchant account for processing payments and card transactions.

A step by step process allows retailers to quickly set up and build a fully functioning store that will process Level 1 PCI compliant payments through the Voice Transact Payment Network. As well as accepting Visa, MasterCard and American Express payments, retailers can also automatically deploy the VoicePay® biometric payment system to process secure mobile payments. The patented VoicePay® network guarantees all payments made on an individual e-account against fraud or personal information loss and offers a simple and secure way for e-retailers to process any type of e-money transaction.

For consumers, a VoicePay® account allows authorisation of financial transactions and identity confirmation via mobile phone using a unique pre-stored Voice Signature™. VoicePay® account holders simply click on the VoicePay® icon on an On4 retailer’s website, which triggers a call to their mobile phone where they can authorise the transaction using their own unique Voice Signature™.

Existing retailers can also use On4 to support all their m-commerce activities. The platform’s inbuilt m-commerce capabilities allow advertising and the promotion of products and services through traditional media, mobile marketing and click-to-buy capabilities within social media or search engine websites. This innovative capability is in line with recent research from Ovum which found that the value of goods bought by UK shoppers using mobile devices will more than double over the next three years. In 2009 the m-commerce market had a value of £122.9 million, but by 2013 Ovum estimates that sales made through mobile phones should reach £275 million, driven by a 119% uptick in the number of mobile shoppers.

Nick Ogden, CEO, Voice Commerce Group, comments:

“There are currently 3 times as many people who own a mobile phone as use the internet, which makes the mobile channel a huge opportunity for retailers. On4 helps them capitalise on this, starting at an online store level and then providing an m-commerce consumer solution through VoicePay, which makes the environment easier and safer to purchase within.”

“As consumers begin to increasingly use their mobile phones to make e-money transactions however, we believe that security will become a significant concern. Voice Commerce Group is a regulated financial institution and has chosen to guarantee all of its payments. By doing this, we hope to develop consumer confidence in the mobile marketplace, just as we did in the e-commerce marketplace in 2001 when we created the Internet Payments Guarantee Solution”

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