Free Business Plan Review

Free Business Plan Review

A business plan review service launched by accounting firm UHY Hacker Young is offering free help to entrepreneurs in need of attracting business investment.

The scheme, aimed at helping entrepreneurs who are struggling to access bank finance, or other investment, will provide pointers for improving business plans so that they are more likely to impress potential investors.

The business plan review service allows entrepreneurs to submit their plans via email and receive detailed feedback within three days. The service is open to entrepreneurs with new business ideas and existing small firms.

“Crucial to these new business ventures attracting investment is getting proper, structured feedback on their business plan as quickly as possible,”

said UHY corporate finance partner, Laurence Sacker. 

“We will give them pointers about what sort of thing they should include and what they need to look at again. We’re not going to redraft the plan for them — we will point out the weak spots or the gaps and give them advice or point them back to our free online guidance.”

“The new coalition Government has admitted that small businesses and start-ups are facing serious problems borrowing from the banks or raising equity investment. One thing businesses can do now ready for when they approach the banks or other funders is ensure their business plan is spot on.”

“Most businesses only get one chance to make an impression, so it is vital that entrepreneurs get every element of the plan right. This scheme will assess plans for any weak spots and offer practical solutions.”

Sacker said the review might include tips on:

  • On writing an executive summary
  • Explaining the history of the business
  • Explaining the advantages of a product or service
  • Outlining a schedule in line with financial projections.

Following the business plan review, UHY will point private investors registered on its online database towards the most promising firms. It also offers free online advice on writing a business plan, including a checklist with questions that an entrepreneur should ask themselves while writing each section.

Entrepreneurs can send their business plans to

For more information on writing your business plan, visit the UHY Hacker Young website

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