SMEs feel Unrepresented by Politicians

SMEs feel Unrepresented by Politicians

More than a third of small business owners feel their concerns are not taken seriously by any political party, new research has revealed.

A survey of 255 business owners by found 39% felt that small business issues were not being properly represented by the UK’s three main voting choices.

The poll also revealed dissatisfaction with the current Government, with three quarters of respondents saying that it had not done enough to help them through the recession. A quarter remained undecided about which way they would vote on May 6. small business expert, Jake Ridge, said it was “worrying” that firms felt their interests were being overlooked.

“Small firms have been at the brunt of the recession and are now battling their way to recovery. Any support the small business sector can now get from policymakers to help ease their concerns and get them back on their feet will be welcome.”   

British Chambers of Commerce spokesman, Sam Turvey, said many firms believed that issues surrounding the UK deficit were not being addressed by the party leaders, which was leading to apathy among business owners.

“There has been a fair bit of squirming around the deficit issue by the three main parties. Our members tell us they are looking for a clear plan about how to deal with the debt because it will affect growth. This could explain the high level of disillusionment among small firms.”

Turvey added that the Government had done a “reasonably good job” in helping small firms through the recession.

“There have been lots of schemes put into place to support firms, such as HM Revenue & Customs’ "Time to Pay" initiative ― which allows the deferment of tax, the increase in annual investment allowance and the Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme.

“It’s hard to say what the effect would have been without these but, on the whole, there have been clear support measures aimed at helping small businesses.”

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