SMEs: Influence Future Policies in the Run Up to the General Election

Yesterday saw the launch of Debate2010, the UK’s largest ever state of the nation opinion forum, carried out in real-time entirely over the internet.

The website is designed to facilitate debate in the run up to the General Election, allowing policy makers a unique insight into the psyche of the collective British mind. will run until General Election day itself and enable voters all over the UK to voice their opinions and debate thoroughly, about issues including healthcare, education, crime, the economy and foreign affairs.

Of particular interest to small business owners is the Debate2010 business channel which is currently debating How can we increase investment in small businesses? and How might the ‘Cadbury’s Law’ hurt British business? UK SMEs are encouraged to add their voice to the debate and to raise questions of their own.

The site was developed by, which specialises in cloud computing technology that enables internet users to vote on policies and debate topics promoted by the main political parties in advance of the General Election. With the voting system pushing the most popular ideas to the surface, will offer a clear overview of how the public prioritises key political issues.

Issues that appear high on the agenda will form the basis of a UK Citizens Briefing Book to MPs and political parties – a unique compilation of the ideas submitted by the community, which will outline the UK’s opinion on key priorities for the first 100 days in office. So if the UK’s SMEs are to be heard then they are encouraged to join in the debate on the business channel of Debate2010.

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