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Business owners ask Alistair Darling to use the budget as a platform to restore confidence in the UK economy.

On 24th March the nation will be looking to Darling for strategies to reduce the £178bn fiscal deficit. Today, the members of Small Business Britain are calling for the Chancellor to take the needs of small businesses into immediate account.

Recent research conducted by YouGov and commissioned by Intuit, the driving force behind Small Business Britain, found that over 45% of British small business owners want banks to offer better rates for their small business customers, 35% want interest cuts to be passed on in full and 40% believe that a reduction in employers’ national insurance contributions are essential.

However, concern was expressed around whether Darling will be able to address the issues that matter most to them with the General Election fast approaching:

“We need a clear plan from government on spending and taxes, but this will only be clear after the election.”

(Julian Lewis, MD of Positive Computing)

“Small businesses have been recognised by government as the critical force that will drive the UK back to prosperity. However it will be up to the Government that is produced by the General Election to see whether these words will be turned into the practical support we need.”

(Mark Bachelor, MD of Markman OTW)

The Small Business Charter, part of the Small Business Britain campaign, gives small businesses across Britain a channel through which to call on the government, elected bodies, banks and the wider business community to work together to create optimum conditions for the success and prosperity of British small businesses over the next decade.

Pernille Bruun-Jensen, Managing Director of Global Small Business at Intuit, believes that the Chancellor should keep small businesses front of mind when he announces the new Budget:

“The run up to the UK general election is a critical time for the future of UK small businesses. As a nation we are starting to look beyond the recession the Budget has the potential to play an important role in restoring confidence in the UK economy. Small businesses employ over half (56%) of the UK workforce and now more than ever, their owners need the support of their Government, their banks and their peers if they are to successfully take advantage of the economic recovery. The Small Business Britain campaign gives these businesses a voice and a channel through which to share experiences and build success together.”

Businesses can sign up to the Charter at to show their support for the campaign.

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