Small Business Britain calls for Action

Small Business BritainAccording to a new YouGov report commissioned by Intuit, Small Business Britain today faces a number of business challenges that offer both real opportunities and real threats to the success of its members.

In response to the report, Intuit has launched its Small Business Charter, giving small businesses across Britain a channel through which to call on the government, elected bodies, banks and the wider business community to support their success and prosperity over the coming decade.

The report spoke to 1,000 small business owners around the country. Results show that from cash flow to late payments, from supporting employees to specific tax policies, small business owners are in agreement over the support they need to prosper in 2010:

  • 45% of all respondents feel that banks need to offer better rates for small businesses
  • 35% of small business owners want interest cuts to be passed on in full
  • 84% feel that their ability to provide a more personal touch with customers is a key advantage over their larger competitors
  • 40% call for a reduction in employers’ national insurance contribution

The Small Business Britain campaign is designed to help small businesses find real solutions to the challenges they face, backed by Intuit’s experience in supporting small business customers.

Businesses can sign up to the Charter at to show their support for the campaign.

“The run up to the UK general election is a critical time for the future of UK small businesses,”

says Pernille Bruun-Jensen, Managing Director of Global Small Business at Intuit.

“Now more than ever, small business owners need the support of their Government, their banks and their peers if they are to successfully take advantage of the economic recovery. The Small Business Britain campaign gives these businesses a voice and a channel through which to share experiences and build success together.”

The full Small Business Britain Charter can be viewed at

Key pledges incorporated in the Charter:

  • Small Business Britain is dedicated to committed and personal customer service
  • Small Business Britain is dedicated to getting paid for the goods and services it provides
  • Small Business Britain will help all members manage a positive cashflow to support and facilitate their business success
  • Small Business Britain will provide a great place to work for its employees
  • Small Business Britain needs dedicated and specific tax policies
  • Small Business Britain requests specific policy changes from the UK banking industry
  • Small Business Britain requires more dedicated customer support from the UK banking industry

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