A Fifth of Workers Hate their Colleagues

A Fifth of Workers Hate  their Colleagues

A fifth of workers hate their colleagues and regularly gossip about them behind their backs, a survey by market research firm One Poll has revealed.

According to the survey of 2,000 employees by One Poll, backstabbing often continues away from the workplace, with one in four admitting they moan about staff in the pub after work. Most people blamed the boss for being the major cause of tension, while senior management emerged as the least liked group.

The poll also revealed different reasons behind men and women’s grievances.  Female workers confessed to jealousy or seeing colleagues as a threat, while favouritism among teams was also an issue. Men, on the other hand, were more likely to dislike fellow workers that they viewed as lazy or having “ideas above their station”.

A spokesman for One Poll said increasing workloads meant that people were spending more time at work, which was leading to added tension.

“People in positions of authority are bound to end up as victims of backstabbing,” he said.

However, HR consultancy Gill King Associates’ founder, Gill King, said that managers and bosses who were “firm but fair” could significantly improve a working atmosphere.

“Many problems arise because staff are played off against one another, or certain team members are seen as ‘favourites’ and, unsurprisingly, that causes resentment,” she said.

“Making sure that new recruits fit with an existing team, promoting an open door policy and recognising effort, rather than focusing on the negatives or creating a ‘blame’ culture, could all promote a more positive working culture.”

“Bosses also need to get involved with their staff and be visible on the floor. That way, they’re more likely to pick up problems early on, and they can also make sure that banter doesn’t develop into something more serious, like bullying.”

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