Linking Smart Entrepreneurs with Savvy Investors

Linking Smart Entrepreneurs with Savvy InvestorsA new website service has been launched to help put smart entrepreneurs in touch with savvy investors. provides a simple to use service to help start ups and growing businesses to find seed funds, angel investors or second stage capital for expansion.

Introducing the new service, founder and managing director Jana Thanga said:

“One of the toughest challenges for any business is finding suitable investment to help them exploit their ideas and potential and our service bridges the gap by putting them in touch with the right funder and or funding package. Although we are in a tough economic climate there are still many investors looking for really good business ideas that will grow over the next few years. With traditional investments offering historically low returns investors are now looking again for opportunities for real growth at a very affordable price.”

Responding to the current challenging environment Teamup2gether is offering a Free Business Plan Evaluation Service to Entrepreneurs as a way of helping them to begin the process of getting their business off the ground or develop further. This service, provided by a team of business experts, normally costs around £100 but is being offered at no cost for a limited period.

Teamup2gether has contacts with a wide range of investors in both UK and worldwide and also offers expertise and support from a network of specialist advisors and industry experts who can help with marketing, financial planning HR and Board development. The service is also seeking new investors who are looking for opportunities for significant returns over the next few years from businesses that will emerge as the world economy begins to expand again.

The site has already generated considerable interest from a large number of entrepreneurs who are looking for a business partner/investor to capitalise on the opportunities that are appearing as we emerge from the global recession.

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