Half SME Managers: No Formal HR Training

More than half of managers in small firms have no formal HR training, including chief executives, managing directors, line managers and personnel managers, research from consultancy firm Croner has revealed.

The survey of 300 small business managers found that 60% have no formal training, but that one in ten are spending up to 15 hours a day, or two days a week, on HR.

However, the research found that the effort put into managing staff is not adding to confidence, with 26% of those surveyed saying they are not sure if they are taking the right steps.

Croner’s head of service development, Richard Smith, said that if managers get it wrong, the business could face an employment tribunal.

“It is important that all companies adhere to HR processes,” he said.

The survey also found that of those managing staff in small firms, a quarter have no external HR support and one in ten rely on trawling the Internet for help.

“It’s a significant drawback not to have people versed in management training,”

said the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) adviser on learning and talent development, Dr John McGurk.

“In a small firm it is good to have at least one person on the shop floor and one in management who have had HR training.”

“There are number of issues they need to know about, including employment law, redundancy discrimination and the legislative agenda. Businesses need to see this as a positive element, as having people with proper training should make it an easier process, allowing more time for business development.”

Half SME Managers: No Formal HR Training

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