Food Standards Agency – Scores on the Doors

Food Standards Agency - Scores on the DoorsIt is very important that all food businesses obey the law and supply food that is safe to eat.

Consumers in certain areas can already see how well a food business complies with food hygiene regulations through Scores on the Doors schemes run by their local authority.

The primary purpose of these Scores on the Doors schemes is to allow consumers to make informed choices about the places in which they eat out and from which they purchase food, and, through this, to encourage businesses to improve hygiene standards.

Local authority enforcement officers are responsible for inspecting food businesses to ensure that they meet the legal requirements on food hygiene.

Under Scores on the Doors schemes, each food outlet is given a hygiene rating or hygiene score that reflects the inspection findings and may display this in their premises where consumers can see it.

Scores are also available via websites where consumers can see the scores for all the businesses in the local area.

At the moment, more than 200 local authorities across the UK have Scores on the Doors schemes in place.

These schemes vary in their design and the way that they are operated so the Agency is working towards a national approach to avoid further proliferation of different arrangements in different areas, and so ensure consistency for consumers and clarity for businesses.

Following a public consultation in the summer of 2008, the FSA Board agreed that a six-tier national scores on the doors scheme should be established in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as the majority of schemes already operating in these countries are based on this design. A two-tier scheme will continue in Scotland in line with the prevailing views of stakeholders there.

A UK-wide Steering Group, with local authority, industry and consumer representation, has been established to oversee development of the six-tier national scheme and to ensure commonality of approach with the two-tier scheme continuing in Scotland.

In association with FSA. For more information visit the Food Standards Agency’s Hygiene Resources.

See also the Scores on the Doors: Food Hygiene FAQs

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