Top 10 Small Business Goals for the Year

Intuit UK outlines the Top 10 Small Business Goals for the year.

The last twelve months have been some of the most challenging for small businesses in living memory. To succeed in the new year, businesses will need a sound understanding of their priorities and strategies in 2010. Tapping into its experience of supporting small business customers, Intuit has come up with the Top 10 Goals for 2010 that every small business owner needs to think about. Designed to help entrepreneurs to manage their activities and develop their business over the next twelve months, these tips cover a range of business functions from strategy and finances to HR and marketing.

Pernille Bruun-Jensen, Managing Director Global Small Business at Intuit UK, comments on the need for small businesses to progress in 2010:

“Small businesses have had to use their initiative in order to survive through 2009. Over the next year, it’s important that small business owners continue to take proactive measures in order to achieve success, and setting out clear goals for the year is a fantastic tool to ensure that you stay on track. With over 50% of the UK’s turnover reliant on small businesses, their success is crucial to the economic recovery of the UK in 2010.”

“We’re optimistic that 2010 will be a positive year for UK small businesses, but as the political and economic future of the UK remains uncertain this success cannot be achieved without sufficient support and advice.”

Get your free download of Intuit’s Top 10 Small Business Goals ( PDF)

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