Business Continuity Management is Snow Joke

Webchat: Business Continuity Management

Don’t put your workforce on ice when faced with problems like the recent nationwide freeze. Tune in to this live webTV show for solutions in keeping in touch with employees and customers.

Webchat: Business Continuity ManagementShow date: Friday 29th January

Show time: 2pm

Three in four UK employees claim to have been affected by the recent bad weather, with just over one in ten not able to work at all. This disruption to UK businesses, as well as the wider economic climate, has emphasised the need for companies to develop a robust business continuity strategy.

Developing solutions involving an adaptable workforce that can function with equal efficiency both inside and outside the office is one way of ensuring customer service isn’t compromised, come rain or shine.

This is especially important considering the majority of employees – 55% according to a survey – now expect to work from home more frequently.

But there are wide-ranging issues when it comes to flexible working, like trying to monitor staff away from the office and ensuring employees are available to managers, clients or customers throughout the working day, no matter where they are. Accessibility is especially important for small businesses with high standards when it comes to efficiency, service and personal contact.

Tune into this WebTV ‘connectivity clinic’ with Dr Rob Matthews, of Vodafone UK, who will be offering advice and top tips on how best to incorporate flexible working plans and digital technology into small businesses.

Dr Rob Matthews joins the webchat live online on Friday 29th January at 2pm to discuss staying connected to a mobile workforce.

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