St John Health and Safety Training for Small Business

St John Ambulance offer Health and Safety Training for Small BusinessFirst aid charity St John Ambulance has launched a health and safety training course aimed at small businesses.

The course is designed to help small firms understand the basic requirements of health and safety in order to prevent accidents and make sure that their workplace complies with health and safety laws.

Participating businesses will be issued with a British Safety Council (BSC) certificate upon successful completion of the course, which is accredited by the BSC.

According to St John Ambulance training and marketing director, Richard Evens, small businesses often find it daunting to implement the necessary legal health and safety requirements because of a lack of resources.

“Firms must tackle the issue. The legal and financial repercussions of failing to deal with it are immense. Last year, 1,100 cases businesses were taken to court because of health and safety failings, which resulted in convictions for 87%.”

“Our health and safety basics course will help clear up any confusion and ensure employers become proficient in this area and understand how their business can comply.”

As well as covering health and safety legislation, the programme will give an overview of risk assessments and how to conduct them. It will also explain how to stay informed of the latest changes in health and safety procedures.

Training can either be delivered in-house or in various training centre locations across the UK. Prices for the course start at £270.

For more information about the course, visit the St John Ambulance website or telephone 08700 104065.

St John Ambulance offer Health and Safety Training for Small Business

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