Super-fast Business Broadband Launched

Super-fast Business Broadband LaunchedEasynet Connect, one of the leading internet service providers (ISP) for small-to-medium businesses (SMEs), has today launched its new Easynet Connect Fibre internet access service, bringing affordable fibre to hundreds and thousands of UK SMEs for the very first time. Easynet Connect Fibre is available today to businesses within the M25 and will be extended nationally based on customer demand.

Unlike traditional leased line Internet services, where prices can vary by thousands of pounds depending on the customer’s proximity to the exchange, Easynet Connect 100 Mbps Fibre has a fixed price of £15,000 annually. Delivered over Easynet Connect’s proven infrastructure, with 6,030km of fibre and last mile access to more than 70% of UK businesses; the high quality uncontended service will give businesses 99.9% availability and guaranteed fix time. Customers will also have access to Easynet Connect’s market leading customer service and support, including 24/7 network monitoring and UK based call centre, dedicated account manager and a 95% First Time Fix rate.

Chris Stening, managing director, Easynet Connect added;

“Over the last fifteen years we have seen an unrelenting requirement for more and more bandwidth. Customers who get our 100 Mbps service for a market leading price today also have the assurance that their connection is future proofed because of fibre’s unlimited bandwidth potential. Fibre is also particularly well suited to those who need the most reliable internet connection as they move to cloud computing.”

“Fibre has often been an expensive luxury beyond the reach of most small businesses. But with such a competitive price, Easynet Connect Fibre brings next-generation, reliable and expandable connectivity within reach of hundreds of thousands of UK businesses.”

To check availability in your area and to register your interest, please visit: or see the Chris Stenning interview.

Key Facts/Highlights

  • 100 Mbps connection available at a fixed price of £15,000 annually with a £5,000 installation fee*
  • 40 working day installation, subject to survey.
  • Easynet Connect Fibre service offers a fully upgradable symmetrical and uncontended download and upload speeds of 100 Mbps, enabling even the most demanding of businesses to share large files, use high-definition (HD) video conferencing, access online software etc. all at the same time without any drop in performance
  • To put the speed into context, a 100 Mbps connection would currently enable:
    • An SME to move its entire core applications to cloud solutions (such as Google Apps, Salesforce etc.) without any noticeable impact on their internet performance
    • The upload of a 1GB design file in just a few minutes
    • An organisation to run up to 50 separate HD video conferences simultaneously
  • Easynet Connect Fibre runs using Easynet’s existing POP and exchange footprint
  • Previous industry firsts from the Easynet stable include being the first ISP to offer broadband services outside the BT network in 2001 (as part of the national Local Loop Unbundling project); the first to offer 8 Mbps services in 2002; a symmetrical 40Mbps service in 2008 and 20-day installation times in 2008.

*In some instances there may be additional installation fees where mandatory wayleaves or non standard construction is required. These will be notified to customers in advance.

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