All-in-one Web App for Project Management

Website developer, Sharkbyte Studios today launches its all-in-one project management web application, geebiz, which integrates full project management and collaboration tools with client quotations and invoicing into one system. It is aimed at micro and small businesses who have less resources and want to service clients rather than do paperwork.

Ben Mason, technical director for Sharkbyte Studios explains the product’s origins:

“There are lots of web-based project management and collaboration tools available, but none that we found integrated quotations and invoicing as well. For our own work we were juggling between separate packages and things could slip through the net. By developing a streamlined system combining all three processes, geebiz saves us a lot of admin time, helps us be more organised, improves our communications with clients, and our cashflow is better as well.”

Asher Jacobsberg, of, says:

“While we were working with Sharkbyte, we saw what a useful tool geebiz was for managing the project, and so asked if we could try it too. Since then the application has been refined for commercial use and now it’s project management software on steroids.”

Geebiz offers a consistent approach to planning, managing and billing projects. Its key features and benefits include:

  • The straight forward user interface is easy to use with minimal training. It can be customised to fit the users’ own branding if required.
  • Automatic calculation of quotes in minutes by filling in a few fields. This saves time, especially for smaller companies without administrative staff. The system also reminds you when the quote validity is expiring so you can chase the prospect.
  • Project planning and management are handled via the usual tabbed sections – such as discussions, tasks, tickets and time tracking. Within each project you can assign responsibility and dates for tasks and then view what’s going on in a calendar or list format. You can also view all projects’ activities in the Global Planner. Having everyone working from the same system, where ever they are based, means better communication and teamwork so any bottlenecks can be identified quickly and the project kept on track. Plus, entering information centrally, and just once, means less risk of input errors.
  • Granular access. Each team member, and even your client, can be given differing levels of permissions for tasks, discussions, tickets, files and so on. Such transparency and involvement helps to improve client communications.
  • Standard on-screen or pdf reports include task estimates v. actual time taken with any under- or over-run; financials such as money received v. invoices v. quotations in any period, or what percentage of quotes were successful; plus there are timesheets for individuals.
  • Invoice generation. For any company without an accounts department, being able to generate an invoice which accurately reflects the quotation and time spent, is a major benefit. It also leads to better cash flow: as it takes just a few minutes to do, invoices don’t have to be saved up for batch production, and instead you can issue immediately on completion. And since the due date is calendarised, an automatic reminder pops up so you won’t miss a late payment.
  • Security as standard. Unlike some other applications, geebiz uses SSL with 1024-bit encryption at no extra cost to protect all data passing between the desktop and the server, so you and your clients are assured of full data confidentiality.
  • Web-based software so nothing to load or maintain on your desktop. All updates are automatic and included within the monthly subscription.
  • Free technical support by email and telephone.

Pricing and availability

Geebiz is available today as a web application on a monthly subscription with no contract tie-in. Visit There are various price plans depending on how many concurrent jobs you require. These start from £14.99 per month + VAT for running up to three live quotes/projects/invoices concurrently.

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