Is 2010 the year SMEs Fully Embrace Cloud Computing?

Section 4: Types of connections used for cloud computing

Internet connectivity, in particular the type of connection and speeds available, was certainly a hot topic during 2009. Since cloud computing places different demands on an internet connection than web browsing (in particular a greater focus on upload bandwidth), Easynet Connect felt it was necessary to investigate the types of connections being used by SMEs today as they look to the cloud.


Half of the businesses surveyed had more than one internet connection, reflecting businesses increased reliance on the Internet, but should this figure be higher? This means that half of SMEs have no backup line at all if their primary one fails.

  • 80% of SMEs still use ADSL connections, although not necessarily as their primary connection
  • Cable connections are currently more popular than fibre among small businesses looking for high-speed internet connectivity. 33% of SMEs have a cable connection vs. 24% having fibre
  • Only 1% of small businesses still use ISDN
  • The results showed there is a definite appetite for higher bandwidth connections among some SMEs, with 24% using cable connections over 21Mb and 18% using fibre connections of the same speed

Types of connection used by SMEs

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