Is 2010 the year SMEs Fully Embrace Cloud Computing?

Section 2: The perceived benefits and threats of cloud computing

Question: What do you feel are some of the business benefits of cloud computing?

Small-to-medium businesses are much more accepting of the proposed benefits of cloud computing this time around. Whereas last year 35% believed cloud computing would save them money, this figure has climbed to 51%. Similarly, where 35% considered cloud computing as making it easier for staff to work from at the end of 2008, now 43% consider this to be true.

Perceived benefits of cloud computing

High profile adoption of cloud computing by large companies such as Jaguar, Rentokil and Motorola has however had little impact on SMEs’ adoption of the technology. Only 20% have been encouraged by hearing about big business adoption of the cloud.

I have been encouraged by big business moving to the cloud

Negative perceptions of the cloud are still very low, with only 13% of SMEs claiming it isn’t secure enough and 9% saying it isn’t reliable.

Perceived disadvantages of cloud computing

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