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Show date: Wednesday 16th December 2009

Show time: 10am

Companies are cutting expenditure across the board, but many will be shocked to learn that according to ttMobiles, the UK’s first wireless expense management company, the average company mobile phone bill has £1 in every three spent on personal phone calls* – suggesting a loss to UK corporates of over £1bn annually.

No matter the size of your business, having your staff expenses effectively managed can minimise costs and increase time-efficiency, as less time and resource is needed to perform tax compliance and general expense management.

With mobile phones, for example, while most employers accept that company mobiles or blackberries will also be used for personal calls, choosing the right contract can prevent businesses being hit in the pocket, avoiding problematic staff monitoring and ultimately keeping your workforce happy.  Add to this the number of mobile devices that are unaccounted for, the increasing number of home workers claiming for home internet use, clearly businesses need to keep looking closely at avoiding unnecessary costs.

Every employer knows the importance of operating efficiently and continuing growth despite the current economic climate. Joining us on our live and interactive WebTV show are Ian Kay, Managing Director, Banking, London at The Royal Bank of Scotland, to offer general advice on how best to manage your cash flow and make the most of the financial support that’s available; and Peter Readman, director, ttMobiles, to specifically discuss how you can manage your telecoms expenses effectively.

Ian Kay and Peter Readman join us live online at 10am on Wednesday 16th December 2009. (follow the link to submit questions before the show)

* based on research by Quocirca

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