Most Staff Unclear on Company Objectives

Most Staff Unclear on Company Objectives

Employers have been warned they are not doing enough to communicate their strategy to staff, after a Government survey found that only a quarter of employees understand their firm’s goals for next year.

The survey commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) also found that a further third of employees had no idea whether a vision for their business’s future existed. The report suggested this is having a negative impact on employee motivation levels, as only 27% felt positive about the year ahead.

BIS adviser, David McLeod, warned employers that poor employee engagement could “put the brakes” on performance and urged bosses to inspire staff.

“If leaders don’t explain where the business is going and what it’s seeking to achieve, how can people be motivated or know what they’re meant to contribute?” he said.

Defining objectives, inviting ideas and input, being flexible on how the business progresses and celebrating success were all ways to involve staff and boost morale, according to McLeod.

“There are lots of simple steps employers can take which will ensure employees are engaged and ready to play their part in delivering business success in 2010,” he added. “There must be a continued commitment throughout the year to ensure staff feel involved and motivated by the business and its goals.”

Croner employment technical consultant, Gillian Dowling, pointed towards the recession as one of the reasons for low staff morale.

“Although employment figures are showing promising signs of improvement and redundancies are beginning to ease, we still have a long way to go,” she said.

“Motivating employees who remain in the business after large scale redundancies will be an issue for 2010,” added Dowling.

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