LinkedIn Network Extends with Twitter

LinkedIn Network Extends with Twitter

LinkedIn Network Extends with TwitterSmall-business owners using social networking websites LinkedIn and Twitter can reach a greater number of contacts in one go following the launch of a new application.

The new Tweets tool allows LinkedIn users to automatically share their LinkedIn status updates with their followers on Twitter. Status updates are short sentences that users enter into their profiles to describe what they are doing, ask questions or share information. Both LinkedIn and Twitter are free to use.

Twitter users can also select status updates, known as Tweets, to share with their LinkedIn contacts by adding the hash symbol to the end of the update, and it will instantly appear on their LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn spokeswoman, Vicky Perry, said that business owners can network more efficiently by using the Tweets application.

“Many small firms use both LinkedIn and Twitter to talk to other professionals online, and the new application creates a link between the two sites,” she said.

“It is a time-saving tool because you can reach all your online contacts instantly,” added Perry. “It increases the number of people you can reach in one go.”

“If you are a member on LinkedIn and you have 100 connections, your status update will be seen by all of your 100 connections on LinkedIn,” she said. “But if you also are a member of Twitter and you use the Tweet application on LinkedIn, as well as reaching your 100 LinkedIn contacts you are reaching all the people who have added you as a contact on Twitter.”

LinkedIn users will be sent emails informing them of the new application, and can click on the ‘add application’ button to link their account with their Twitter profile.

Perry added that social networks are an efficient way for time-constrained small business owners to meet other people in their industry.

“Business owners and professionals from all industries have profiles on social networks, so you can establish relationships online and use those contacts to reach more people in your sector,” she said. “This allows you to share knowledge, meet new people, and win new business. Being able to network online is particularly useful for smaller businesses, which tend to have limited time and resources.”

For more information about LinkedIn and to set up a user profile, visit the LinkedIn website

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