Reduce Costs with Greener Practices

Rob Holdway - Reduce Costs with Greener business practicesWant to improve your bottom line by greener practices?

Log on to our live web chat this Thursday to get some expert advice on how to reduce workplace energy consumption

Show date: Thursday 19th November

Show start time: 15:30

New figures released by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) show huge amounts of money and valuable resources could be saved by making a few simple changes to business practice. Steps such as switching off a single computer and monitor potentially saving £35 a year can have a massive impact on the bottom line of any organisation, large or small.

Simple environmental actions translate into real cost savings for businesses, and this message needs to infiltrate the workplace. It is easier than it seems to integrate energy efficient practices into everyday working life. If you are an SME owner, you can’t afford to ignore the facts – switching off saves money.

Turning off lights, turning down the thermostat (even by one degree), cutting down on rubbish and fixing dripping taps – all these changes mean that firms stop ‘leaking’ money.

The advantages of businesses adopting the green message aren’t just confined to the environment. In today’s environmentally aware society, a company’s eco-credentials are more important than ever before. Resource efficiency is truly the cornerstone of good business sense and, in some cases it’s the difference between a small business breaking even or not.

So, to help you reduce both your firm’s costs and energy consumption, DEFRA is setting out ten simple ways in which businesses can make a difference… at the flick of a switch.

Rob Holdway, presenter of Channel 4’s Dumped and also the government’s official environmental advisors, joins us live online on Thursday 19th November at 15:00 to discuss how your employees can make a difference to the planet and your balance sheets so get in early and submit your questions before the chat.

For more information visit or take a look at our green business advice articles.

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