New Scheme Recognises Apprentice Employers

Apprenticeships - Good for Business

Apprenticeships - Good for BusinessEmployers are today being honoured with the launch of a new ’badge’ that recognises their employment of apprentices.

The apprentice employers’ badge, supported by the British Chambers of Commerce, can be displayed by firms on their website and stationary to highlight their commitment to Apprenticeships. Consumers will also be able to go on to the Apprenticeships website to find businesses that support young people by hiring apprentices.

The news comes as a new survey by the National Apprenticeship Service shows more than three-quarters of people in England say they are more likely to use a business or service if it offers Apprenticeships to young people (80%), while more than nine in ten say it is important to support young people by taking on apprentices during the recession (94%).

Kevin Brennan, Minister for Further Education, Skills, Apprenticeships and Consumer Affairs, says,

“For years, businesses of all sizes have supported young people by offering Apprenticeships and in return, apprentices have contributed to their employers’ success by increasing efficiency, productivity and providing a sound investment for the future. Apprentices are good for business and now employers can let their customers know they employ apprentices by displaying their support for young people through the Apprenticeship badge scheme.”

Apprentices are a worthwhile investment for businesses. For every £1.16 invested in an apprentice, employers can get an average of £1 back in public funding. And an apprentice covers the cost of an employer’s investment within three years in most cases. Perhaps best of all is that, according to local businesses, offering Apprenticeships means lower recruitment costs (67% of employers think so), lower overall training costs (71%) and greater staff loyalty (82%).

Iain Wright, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for 14-19 Reform and Apprenticeships adds,

“We already know some of the real business benefits apprentices can bring to the organisations they work for. In addition, it’s now encouraging to see consumers are asking for apprentices and choosing to use a business which supports young people over one which doesn’t. This consumer choice gives employers another bottom line reason to hire apprentices.”

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