Follow Staff with their Mobile Phone

Locatorz - Follow Staff with their Mobile Phone A new mobile phone based service is being launched today that allows families and businesses to locate loved ones and staff to within 10 metres of their location, anywhere in the UK.

The new device called ‘Locatorz’ can be downloaded and installed on most mobile phones within minutes, granting concerned parents and managers a way to keep an eye on those important to them. The success and unique nature of the service relies on the accuracy and detail of Ordnance Survey data.

Doctors, district nurses, estate agents, social workers, bailiffs, estate agents, taxi drivers and many other mobile employees are often called to visit locations where their safety may be an issue, and ensuring their location is viewable significantly enhances their personal security.

Whether you own your own takeaway delivery business, computer repair service or anything else with mobile employees, this latest offering, which is the first fully commercial application to use Ordnance Survey’s OpenSpace technology, is hoped to offer staff safety and accountability at a level never before seen by UK businesses.

The data from OS is so vital to both the public and private sectors that around £100bn of economic activity in Britain depends on it, according to an independent study. Virtually every Sat Nav and well-known mapping technology online and on handheld devices relies on Ordnance Survey data.

Jenny Fawson, of the personal safety charity Suzy Lamplugh Trust, says;

“It is important that organisations recognise the responsibility they have for keeping their staff safe. Once the risks have been assessed, training is the most effective way of ensuring that everyone understands what they can do to avoid becoming a victim of violence and aggression. Technology can be useful in backing up this training but can often be outside the price rang of small organisations. Locatorz is now offering to fill this niche.”

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