Negative Atmosphere Most Common Cause of Bad Work Day

Negative Atmosphere Most Common Cause of Bad Work DayA negative workplace atmosphere is a more common cause for staff having a bad day at work than dealing with a difficult boss, unhappy customer or being forced to carry out tedious tasks, research has revealed.

A survey of 3,000 UK employees by accreditation firm Best Companies found that a negative atmosphere came in the top five causes of a bad working day of 54 per cent of employees’ lists. Other causes listed by staff included being bored at work (52 per cent), being taken for granted (49 per cent), working with a nightmare boss (49 per cent) and dealing with angry customers (43 per cent).

“If employees are having a bad day at work they won’t be at their most productive and for those in customer facing roles this could be potentially disastrous,”

said Best Companies chief executive, Jonathan Austin, adding:

“Employers need to ensure that office politics don’t create a bad atmosphere and carefully manage those staff that could be ‘bad apples’. It’s important to ensure people are motivated about their work, so set objectives and look for ways to give people work they find interesting.

“Simply saying thank you will go a long way to ensuring that people don’t feel taken for granted. Appreciation is crucial to create and maintain a good atmosphere in the office and keep staff motivated.”

Chartered Management Institute spokesman, Mike Petrook, said that a negative atmosphere usually stems from a lack of communication.

“Having a negative atmosphere is certainly not conducive to good work and it is up to the individual manager to tackle the causes.”

“If things are left unsaid they get worse and the problem exacerbates. It’s far better for people to air their differences, and business owners should create an ‘open door policy’ so that staff feel they can talk to them.”

Petrook added that having an overbearing boss and not feeling appreciated can also contribute to low morale.

“If a manager is tasking somebody with something, they shouldn’t lean over their shoulder all the time checking they are doing it in the way they would do it, as some people view that as a form of bullying.”

“Business owners should also ensure that if somebody does something fantastic now, they don’t wait until Christmas to say thank you – appreciation is really important for good morale.”

Negative Atmosphere Most Common Cause of Bad Work Day

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