Employers Offered Free Redundancy Advice

Employers Offered Free Redundancy Advice

Employers Offered Free Redundancy AdviceEmployers who may be forced to make redundancies this autumn can now get free support following the launch of an online redundancy advice service, by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

While mainly aimed at employees, the Dr Redundancy service also offers a range of tools and support for business owners, including a legal advice telephone helpline, as well as access to free counselling and guidance on how to adapt the business following staff redundancies.    

Employers are also encouraged to use the service as a means of support for staff being made redundant or those who are at risk of losing their jobs. 

CMI chief executive, Ruth Spellman, said that in the current economic climate, redundancy was a reality that many employers and employees had had come to terms with, and that the Dr Redundancy service aimed to help both parties.

“Dr Redundancy’s advice has been designed with the specific needs of managers at all levels and in all sectors in mind,” she said.

To access the Dr Redundancy service, visit the CMI website.

To arrange a free consultation with a redundancy counsellor telephone 0845 053 0403

Employers Offered Free Redundancy Advice

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