Apprenticeships worth £1k each to construction firms

Apprenticeships worth £1k each to construction firms

Apprenticeships worth £1k each to construction firmsConstruction firms which take on apprentices who have been made redundant before they finished their training are eligible for grants of up to £1,000, following a £1 million funding boost from the National Apprenticeships Service (NAS).

Employers in the construction industry can access the funding by using sector skills council ConstructionSkills’ Apprenticeship Matching Service (AMS), which matches apprentices that have been made redundant with firms in need of staff.

“We have been talking to the Government in recent months about the need to support employers in our industry through this difficult time and the funding from the National Apprenticeship Service will do just that,” said ConstructionSkills apprenticeship programme manager, Nigel Donohue.

“£1,000 for each apprentice adopted through the AMS will make the proposition a lot more viable for many employers,” he added.

Any construction business able to provide employment to displaced apprentices is encouraged to apply to the scheme. Construction firms that are struggling to afford to keep their current apprentices are also eligible for funding.

NAS chief executive, Simon Waugh, said that apprentices can help improve a firm’s finances and skills base.

“In today’s challenging times and particularly as we prepare for the upturn, apprenticeships are a vital way of improving the skills of staff and generating a committed and valuable workforce,” he said.

The AMS was created in 2008 due to the number of apprentices being made redundant during the last 12 months of their training. Almost a third of displaced apprentices have been re-employed through the scheme in the last ten months.

For more information about the scheme and to apply for funding, visit the ConstructionSkills website  or telephone 0844 875 0086

Apprenticeships worth £1k each to construction firms

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