Job Candidates choose SMEs over Corporates

Job Candidates choose SMEs over Corporates

Job Candidates choose  SMEs over CorporatesAlmost two-thirds of job candidates would prefer to work for a small firm than a corporate if the job offer was comparable, according to a survey from Angela Mortimer recruitment consultancy.

The survey, carried out in several major UK cities, as well as Paris and Brussels, found that 63% of employers think that being a market leader would attract candidates, but only 20% of candidates said this would be a priority.

A great work environment, career progression and a good salary were the top three priorities for candidates in all the cities.

Angela Mortimer chairman, John Mortimer, said that small firms are able to compete with market leaders on all these factors, as they are able to reward good employees quicker;

“The difference is that in SMEs staff have to work for career progression and pay rises, and it is based more on the employees’ merit than it would be in corporates. Small business employers can analyse what work has been done and by which employee and can then give the right people the right rewards. A lot of candidates actually choose to work for SMEs for that.

In small firms there isn’t the same scope for career development in top end jobs although if you come up with ideas the SME might open up areas for you to take over. In a corporate there might be more opportunities once you get to the top end, but you tend to reach the top in an SME more quickly.”

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) policy adviser, Vanessa Robinson, said that small firms should emphasise what they can offer to candidates apart from high salaries;

“If small firms can’t compete with larger firms on salary, they should focus on career development opportunities for the individual. For example, in a small firm, the employee might get exposure to more senior people and to more exciting bits of work because there are less lines of hierarchy, or the business might market itself as a more personal employer where employees have a higher degree of job satisfaction because they know their colleagues.”

Job Candidates choose SMEs over Corporates

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